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The Law Offices of Karen Cline is a California-based law practice in Santa Rosa focusing on legally complex and emotionally charged divorce cases and other family law matters. Since moving to the North Bay in 1987, Karen has helped residents of the North Bay counties through difficult and highly personal times.

As a compassionate divorce lawyer, Karen puts the decision-making power in the hands of her clients. She puts every effort towards reaching agreements as a preferred resolution rather than taking the matter to trial. Taking a divorce case to the courtroom puts clients' futures in the hands of a judge who possesses no personal knowledge about them.

In making those life-changing choices concerning the children, Karen encourages mothers and fathers of divorce to focus on the best interests of their children through settlements.

Prior to opening her law office, Karen gained hands-on experience in trial litigation before juries as a prosecutor for the City of San Diego, and later on in a mid-sized law firm a myriad of defense work for any and all problems covered under personal and business insurance policies. She discovered her enjoyment of and passion for family law while working in a San Mateo-based law firm.

In addition to her practice of family law, Karen serves as a volunteer settlement panelist and often volunteers to settle cases at court. She has also shared her legal knowledge by teaching an evidence class in courtroom etiquette to San Diego police officers.

Karen is a longtime resident of Sonoma County with her husband and three children.

The Law Offices of Karen Cline has three part-time employees to assist with the administration of her office, and a full time legal assistant, Libby. Libby graduated from Empire College with her Paralegal degree in 2009.


"Hiring you was the best decision I have probably ever made, outside of my school and my children. The results would have been different had I not hired you; she would have eaten me for lunch. I'm too trusting and kind." ~ J.S.

"Thank you so, so much Karen. I feel blessed, safe by having you as my attorney." ~ K.K.

"God bless you, Karen." ~ T.S.

"Thank you for being there for me." ~ M.L.

"You are always the most calming influence, you are a life saver. Thank you, Karen." ~ D.W.